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Frp 是一个高性能的反向代理应用,可以帮助您轻松地进行内网穿透,对外网提供服务,支持 tcp, http, https 等协议类型,并且 web 服务支持根据域名进行路由转发。

Frps-Onekey-Install-Shell For CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora (32bit/64bit)



wget -O ./
chmod 700 ./
./ install


wget -O ./
chmod 700 ./
./ install


./ uninstall


./ update

Server management(服务管理器)

Usage: /etc/init.d/frps {start|stop|restart|status|config|version}

Frps onkey-install-shell Changelog

  • v0.34.3 [2020/11/20]

    • NEW

    Command line parameters support enable_prometheus.

  • v0.34.2 [2020/11/12]

    • FIX

    Stream data transfer delay(e.g. chunked data) for HTTP type proxy.

  • v0.34.1 [2020/10/01]

    • NEW

    Support NTLM protocol for http proxy to connect frps.

    Official docker image support on DockerHub and Github registry.

    • FIX

    Fix a dashboard stats data lost problem after client reconnect more than 7 days.

    Fix TLS certificate verification failed.

  • v0.34.0 [2020/09/19]

    • NEW

    Support TLS certificate and mutual TLS authentication.

    Support set max UDP package size, default is 1500.

    New e2e test framework.

    • FIX

    UDP and SUDP proxy don’t support compression and encrytion.

    Call server plugins in fixed order.

  • v0.33.0 [2020/04/27]

    • NEW

    Server plugin add NewUserConn interface.

    New proxy type sudp to provide a safe way to expose udp service like stcp.

    Support load balancing for tcpmux.

    • FIX

    Fix invalid of AuthenticateNewWorkConns in frpc.

    Fix a panic problem if accept many connections concurrently.

  • v0.32.1 [2020/04/03]

    • NEW

    New operation Ping and NewWorkConn support in Server Plugin.

    Add apiVersion and op params in Server Plugin HTTP request.

    • Improvement

    Prevent frequently relogin when connection broken after login success soon.

    • Fix

    Fix a memory leak problem caused by frequently relogin.

  • Shell Upadte [2020/03/24]

    • Add

    Add new download url-gitee,just support install package

  • v0.32.0 [2020/03/11]

    • New

    Support tls_only = true in frps.ini to enforce frps only accept TLS connection.

    Set detailed_errors_to_client = false in frps.ini to hide detailed error information to client.

    Support prometheus monitor.

    Optional OIDC authentication.

    New proxy type tcpmux. Support TCP port multiplexing over HTTP Connect tunnel.

    • Fix

    Bandwidth limit configure not compared correctly when reloading.

    Incorrect connection count stats.

  • v0.31.2 [2020/02/05]

    • Fix

    Fix not release port when client start proxy error.

  • v0.31.1 [2020/01/06]

    • Fix

    Fix panic when proxy meta data is set.

  • v0.31.0 [2020/01/03]

    • New

    New server manage plugin to extend frp’s ability

    • Improvement

    Improve xtcp’s success rate in some special case.

  • v0.30.0 [2019/11/29]

    • New

    Support bandwidth limit for each proxy.

    New plugin https2http, explore https service as http protocol.

  • v0.29.1 [2019/11/03]

    • Fix

    Fix bug when use_encryption is true for xtcp.

  • v0.29.0 [2019/08/30]

    • New

    New disable_log_color configure to disable console log color.

    Plugin https2http support attatch headers by plugin_header_ prefix.

    • Change

    Provide a high-level Go API.

    • Fix

    max_pool_count is invalid.

    Judge error between IPv4 and IPv6 in proxy protocol

  • v0.28.2 [2019/08/10]

    • Fix

    Fix a bug that health check worker may stop unexpected.

  • v0.28.1 [2019/08/08]

    • New

    Update standard http ReverseProxy to handle more upgrade protocol

    Update some vendor packages.

  • v0.28.0 [2019/08/03]

    • New

    type http support load balancing.

    • Fix

    Fix a connection leak problem when login_fail_exit is false.

  • v0.27.1 [2019/07/15]

    • Fix

    Add read timeout for TLS connection check.

  • v0.27.0 [2019/04/25]

    • New

    Proxy Protocol support plugin unix_domain_socket.

    frps support custom 404 page.

  • v0.26.0 [2019/04/10]

    • New

    Support Proxy Protocol.

    New plugin https2http.

    • Fix

    Fix router config conflict when frpc start by command line mode. #1165

  • v0.25.3 [2019/03/26]

    • Fix

    Fix panic error when reconnection with tls_enable is true.

  • v0.25.2 [2019/03/25]

    • Change

    Change Update version of kcp-go.

    • Fix

    Fix connection leak of http health check. #1155

  • v0.25.1 [2019/03/15]

    • Fix

    Fix a match problem with multilevel subdomain. #1132
    frps –log_file is useless. #1125

  • v0.25.0 [2019/03/11]

    • New

    Support TLS between frpc and frps, Set tls enable to enable this feature in frpC.Improve stability of xtcp.

    • Fix

    Fix a bug that xtcp don’t release connections in some case.

    Note: xtcp is incompatible with old versions.
  • v0.24.1 [2019/02/12]

    • Fix

    Fix Error clear frpc configure file when /api/config called without token set

  • v0.24.0 [2019/02/11]

    • New

    New Support admin UI for frpc

  • v0.23.3 [2019/01/30]

    • Fix

    Fix Reload proxy not saved after reconnecting

  • v0.23.2 [2019/01/26]

    • Fix

    Fix client not working caused by reconnecting.

  • v0.23.1 [2019/01/16]

    • Fix

    Fix status api.

    Fix reload and status command error.

  • v0.23.0 [2019/01/15]

    • New

    Support render configure file template with os environment.

    • Change

    Remove check for authentication timeout.



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